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What do Portuguese explorers have to do with the Korean word for “bread”? Why has the Korean government started using a new word for “website”? And how come there’s a different word for “house” when you’re talking about your grandmother? This weekly podcast takes you on a deep dive into Korean linguistics through the lens of a single word per episode – thus the name, Hanmadi, Korean for “one word.”

About the Hosts

Sara McAdory-Kim is a second-language Korean speaker and editor (currently, mostly in public health). She’s studied linguistics both as an undergrad as well as during two years of graduate study at Korea University. She also wrote her master’s thesis, at the UCL Institute of Education in London, on sociolinguistic aspects of Irish-medium education in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Jaymin Kim is a professor of history at Rice University and native Korean speaker. He knows at least seven languages, dead and alive, including Korean, English, Manchu, Mandarin Chinese, and Classical Chinese.

Korean Romanization

We’re mostly using Revised Romanization of Korean for writing about the podcast, since that’s the one most widely used outside of academia and linguistics. However, Sara is a dab hand at McCune-Reischauer Romanization as well so please get in touch if you need a Korean romanization checker for your academic publications! Yale Romanization is also great, and is clearly the one used by most linguists – but it also may be the most confusing to lay readers, so we steer away from that one.

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Get in touch with comments, suggestions, thoughts, or complaints at hanmadikorean@gmail.com.

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