Resources for learning Korean

Here are a few Korean study resources I’ve found useful over the years:

Memrise – especially the 1000 Most Common Korean Words list and the 1001-2000, 2001-3000, and hopefully someday the 3001-4000 Most Common Korean Words lists


OKCupid – okay, not a language resource exactly, but they say dating a native speaker of a language is the best way to learn it, and it’s certainly helped me!

Resources for research/writing about Korean language

Here is a continually expanding list of specific resources I’ve consulted when writing this blog:

Daum Dictionary – sourced from the Korea University Korean Dictionary. In Korean and English.

Korea Integrated News Database System – Includes a searchable database of Korean newspapers going back to 1990. In Korean.

Korean Word History search – A database of word origins from the National Institute of the Korean Language. In Korean. – A Korean version of wikipedia with a slightly subversive humorous streak. In Korean.

Naver Dictionary – sourced from the National Institute of the Korean Language. In Korean and English.