Hanmadi, Korean for “one word,” explores Korean language and society one word at at time.

During eight years in South Korea, I worked in a Korean elementary school, at an international trade organization, in preschools, at summer camps and for the Korean military. I’ve been part of a Korean graduate cohort, a Korean faculty and now, a Korean family. In fact, about the only things I haven’t done in Korea are take the suneung and go to jail.

I’ve also studied language and linguistics at universities in the United States and South Korea, and my master’s thesis relates to the sociology of language (although not the Korean one).

In this blog, I aim to combine my knowledge and experience in both areas–Korea and language–to open new windows into a country I love. Each post examines the meaning, origin and cultural context of one word, providing glimpses into Korea’s work and dating cultures, food and drink practices, education system and more.

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